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Meir Bar-el, Deputy general manager

Enav Schwarz Adv.,
Sector Manager of building industries and business development
Tel. 03-5198801

Avishag shaham haddad Adv.,
Sector manager of Consumer Products industries and business development
Tel. 03-5198841

Iris Gore-Kaufman, Division Secretary
Tel. 03-5198846

The Association of Building Materials and Consumer Goods Industries in the Manufacturers Association comprises 13 major industrial branches and constitutes an important level in the Israeli economy in general and industry in particular.

The Association supplies the industry with solutions to the challenges facing both the individual industrialist and the entire branch of industry
The Association encompasses about 350 of the largest companies and factories in the economy and the following divisions operate under its auspices: building materials, rubber and plastic, printing and publishing, stone works (marble), paper and paper products, furniture and wood products, cosmetics, concrete, milling and crops, shoes and tanning, quarry materials and toys .

A construction division operates under the auspices of the Association, uniting four entities: Nesher Cement Industries, the Association of Quarry Materials Manufacturers, the Association of Imported Concrete Manufacturers and the Association of Concrete Infrastructure Products.

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