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Yehuda Haiman
Deputy Director General
Marketing & Business Development
Tel.   972-3-5198830
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Metal, electrical and infrastructure industries are the backbone of Israeli industry. These industries include large companies that manufacture dozens of products and employ thousands of workers, on the one hand; and family enterprises producing solely for the local market, on the other.

The metal and electrical industries produce approximately 25% of industrial production in Israel (approximately NIS 70 billion in 2010), export approximately 24% of all Israeli industrial export (approximately $10 billion in 2010) and employ approximately 26% of the workforce in Israeli industry (approximately 90,000 employees).

The Metal and Electrical Industries Association has approximately 500 enterprise members, producing a wide variety of products in a variety of technologies.
The Association is headed by a public management board comprising 25 manufacturers and chaired by Mr. Ran Tuttnauer. The Director General is Mr. Yehuda Haiman.

Association members represent the entire industry:
¤ Aviation and defense – aircraft and spare parts, sailing vessels, tanks, missiles, weapons, ammunition, etc.

¤ Sub-contracting and equipment for industry – cutting tools and drills, pipe fittings, cutting electrodes, electronic outfitting/equipping, chip processing, etc.

¤ Construction and infrastructure – iron for concrete reinforcement, pipelines, electricity and communications cables, electricity boxes, doors and windows, valves, elevators, transformers, transport vehicles, generators, manufacturing and conveyor systems, machines for packaging and weighing, lifting devices, compressors and pumps, desalination facilities, etc.

¤ Automotive products – military and civilian vehicles, fire engines, tankers, chassis for buses, boxes for trucks, vehicle batteries, radiators, air and fuel filters, ball bearings, pistons, rebuilt engines, etc.

¤ Domestic electrical appliances – refrigerators, air conditioners, solar heaters, water heaters, etc.

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