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Dr. Ornit Raz, Executive Director.
Tel. 03-5198838

Siegel Ballet, Foreign Trade Manager
Tel. 03-5198839

Iris Konortti, Department Secretary
Tel. 03-5198838

Oren Golan, Division economist
Tel. 03-5198853

The Food Industries Association in the Manufacturers Association is the professional body leading to a strong and influential in the food industries.

Israel’s food sector is a highly competitive arena in which local companies have been able to prosper despite the import to the country of the food products from overseas manufacturers.
The Food Industries Association in the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel has more than 160 enterprises members, representing the bulk of Israel's food industry output.  100 companies are able to export food items overseas.

Food Industries Association activities are diverse and covers areas such as standards, legislation, foreign trade, marketing of the domestic market, exports, quality, information and data on the industry, individual treatment needs of the individual enterprise and other issues needed to advance the development of food industry in Israel.

Food Industries Association activities guided by a Board consisting of 18 members, as the Food Industries Association chairman Mr Gedi Lesin.

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