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Israel has a thriving textile and fashion industry with the “Made in Israel” label synonymous with quality, style, innovation, creativity and imaginative design. Dozens of Israeli companies manufacture a range of items including swimwear, home Textile,underwear, casual and formal apparel, domestic textiles and military/security textiles as well as dyeing products, knitwear, carpets and rugs and raw materials.

The Association comprises around 120 companies of which more than 100 are engaged in exports and overseas sales. Exports of Israeli textiles, clothing and fashion products amounted to $1. billion during 2009. 

Setting Fashion & Technology Standards:
Israeli fashion began to earn a worldwide reputation in the 1960’s particularly in swimwear and beachwear where they were recognized for their high fashion, glamour and chic sophistication. Over the years Sophia Loren, the British Royal Family, Naomi Campbell, Sharon Stone, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford have all been seen wearing Israeli-made swimwear. Israel also became renowned for its leather goods, both clothing and fashion accessories such as bags, gloves and shoes.

Subsequently Israeli companies have been able to combine traditional industrial tailoring, design and textile skills with advanced technology innovations to produce a wide range of quality merchandize in all sectors including high performance fabrics and high-tech threads, which have enjoyed global acclaim. For example Israel’s seamless products and new ultrasonic production technology have proven particularly popular. Ultrasonic bonding equipment developed in Israel cuts and seals fabric pieces without the need for conventional sewing and has become known in the industry as seamless construction.

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