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Nir Kantor, Director of the Association
Tel. 03-5198858

Caramel Feldman, Deputy Director
Tel. 03-5198859


The Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Environmental Society, established in 1979, is a strong and highly influential professional body.

The Society numbers 170 enterprises representing most of the chemical industry output in Israel.
The Society's objective is to create a supportive business environment while maintaining conditions of certainty in the long run for chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Israel.

The Society operates in the following fields:

-         Dealing with the authorities and regular updates of legislative updates and relevant requirements

-         Maintenance of industry interests in aspects of environmental quality

-         Providing professional and legal consultation in the fields of environmental quality, standardization, patents, etc.

-         Society representatives take an active part in Standards Institute committees, and they have the ability to influence local standardization as well as to create employment opportunities.

Today chemicals make up almost every product that we consume – from complex products and energy, electronics and life science industries to food and consumer products that our basic to our existence.

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