MAI Anti-Corruption & Business Ethics Forum

The Anti-Corruption & Business Ethics Forum (ACBEF)
The Anti-Corruption & Business Ethics Forum (ACBEF)

Israel's accession process to the OECD was an important milestone in setting new local standards in terms of anti-corruption practices. In 2010 the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI) established the very first Israeli Anti-Corruption & Business Ethics Forum (ACBEF), aiming to facilitate awareness to the newest trends in international policies on corruption and foreign bribery with focus on practices in the business sector. The Forum serves as a knowledge center for the business sector in issues relating to new Israeli legislation and international legal documents in this field. ACBEF also serves as a connecting point between the Israeli business sector and the government, while at the same time involves civil society representatives.


ACBEF now consists of nearly 400 key figures from leading Israeli MNEs along with representatives of local SMEs, NGOs, law practitioners and scholars. The Forum meets on a quarterly basis, hosting a range of keynote speakers from Israel and overseas, such as the Chief Compliance Officer of Siemens and BIAC's Antibribery & Corruption Task Force Klaus Moosmayer and IACA's Dean Martin Kreutner. It also serves as a platform for distributing information and conducting joint discussions on related topics.

The Forum is chaired by Michael Avner from Straus Group, consulted by Adv. Ofer Yohananof (MAI) and Dan Catarivas (MAI), and coordinated by Tomer Carucci (MAI).


ACBEF members include the following:

  • El Al Israeli Airlines
  • Haifa Chemicals
  • ICL Group
  • Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
  • Israel Military Industries (IMI)
  • Maala
  • Mishkenot
  • Shikun & Binui Group
  • Siemens Israel
  • Straus Group
  • Transparency Israel



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